I'm smarter than you

D'oh! Freakin' sweet!

- I have attention deficit disorder (113! on the CCPT - Conners Continuous Performance Test).

- I have major depression (41 on the Beck Depression Inventory).

- I should of blown up my high school, but now it's too late and wouldn't be dramatic enough to justify it.

- I have sociopathic tendencies, some degree of antisocialness, a touch of insanity, a dash of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, all to be cured soon, maybe suicide, maybe Armageddon ;-]

- I am smarter and more attractive than you and anyone you know. Even yo' big fat momma!

- I have achieved eternal Zen coolness, not the least bit concerned about being cool. 'Cool' is for homosexuals and Nazis.

"Theres no one alive I cant beat."
- Bobby Fischer